Since Marco Polo first travelled to China, travellers have been drawn to discover one of the world's oldest civilisations. From the great Wall to the dramatic Guilin peaks, China will awe you as it once did the dynastic emperors. Whether you wish to visit China during winter or summer, Club Med offers luxurious resorts for a relaxing journey.

Located at the southernmost tip of Hainan Island, at the same latitude as Hawaii, Sanya is known as the Chinese Hawaii. It has a tropical climate, similar to that of the Caribbean, which makes this destination a perfect place for sunny holidays.

White sand beaches alongside the glistening turquoise waters of the South China Sea and beautifully lush vegetation are among the natural assets of this heavenly setting allowing you to fully enjoy a relaxing vacation in our all-inclusive resort.

from HKD$ 4,010 instead of HKD$ 8,020 per person*



Guilin is reputed to be the most enchanting area of China, with splendid scenery and a fabulous, internationally renowned sculpture garden. Surrounded by majestic dragons' teeth mountains, Club Med Guilin has a great range of activities, from tennis to mountain bike, for an unforgettable holiday.

from HKD$ 3,415 instead of HKD$ 6,830 per person*



At Club Med Beidahu, enjoy an unforgettable skiing vacation in an idyllic all-inclusive setting. In the north-east of China, Jilin province is renowned for the fairytale beauty of "rime ice" crystals, and for its great snow cover and long winter sports season.

The Beidahu ski domain has runs to suit all members of the family. In these magnificent snow-covered landscapes you'll feel the perfect harmony between Man and Nature.

from HKD$ 3,175 instead of HKD$ 6,350 per person*



Located in China's first ski resort, this ski-in / ski-out Family Club Med Resort is surrounded by ancestral mountains and pine forests, making it one of the most beautifully preserved ski resorts in Asia and an ideal place to enjoy astonishing landscapes and family vacations. The Chinese national skiing team even comes here to train so if you're serious about your skiing, look no further.

from HKD$ 3,870 instead of HKD$ 6,450 per person*