With a history spanning four millenia, China is one of the world's oldest civilisations and boasts diverse and dramatic landscapes. From the magnificent Great Wall to the dramatic peaks of Guilin and the tropical beaches of Sanya, China will awe you as it once did the dynastic emperors.

The Sanya Resort is at the southern tip of Hainan Island, not far from Hong Kong. Known as "the Hawai of the Orient", this cultural melting pot on the South China Sea has a tropical climate, turquoise water and lush nature. Take your all-inclusive holiday in China with family, partner or friends, and discover exciting new horizons.

from HKD$ 4,010 instead of HKD$ 8,020 per person*



Enjoy an all-inclusive holiday in continental China at the Guilin Club Med Resort in the country's south-western region. Surrounded by mysterious mountains perched above the River Li, the grounds of the Guilin Resort are a fabulous open-air museum of contemporary sculptures. This is the ideal opportunity to discover the art of Tai-Chi, or try the flying trapeze. You'll be charmed by the charms of this wonderful Chinese city, known as the "summit of the arts".

from HKD$ 3,415 instead of HKD$ 6,830 per person*



Looking for snow sensations within a small reach? If you prefer magnificent Chinese mountain landscapes, experience Beidahu or Yabuli, modern and refined resorts perfect for family holidays in the snow.

from HKD$ 3,175 instead of HKD$ 6,350 per person*



from HKD$ 3,870 instead of HKD$ 6,450 per person*