Looking for snow sensations within a small reach? If you prefer magnificent Chinese mountain landscapes, experience Beidahu or Yabuli, modern and refined resorts perfect for family holidays in the snow.


At Club Med Beidahu, enjoy an unforgettable skiing vacation in an idyllic all-inclusive setting. In the north-east of China, Jilin province is renowned for the fairytale beauty of "rime ice" crystals, and for its great snow cover and long winter sports season.

The Beidahu ski domain has runs to suit all members of the family. In these magnificent snow-covered landscapes you'll feel the perfect harmony between Man and Nature,and enjoy a perfect ski holiday with your loved ones and family.

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Nestled in the Changbaishan Biosphere Nature reserve, Club Med Changbaishan is the perfect place for families and couples alike to enjoy a revitalizing mountain experience. Refresh your body and mind and immerse yourself in the natural hot spring. Hit the slopes, relish in Korean specialties and discover the Ginseng cuisine made by a famous tonic herbs gathered from Changbai Mountains.


Located in China's first ski resort, this ski-in / ski-out Family Club Med Resort is surrounded by ancestral mountains and pine forests, making it one of the most beautifully preserved ski resorts in Asia and an ideal place to enjoy astonishing landscapes and family vacations. The Chinese national skiing team even comes here to train so if you're serious about your skiing, look no further.Let's book your snow holiday with us now!