Be Prepared to Get Back to Happiness

During this complicated period, Club Med is by your side and we always put ourselves into your shoes.
There is no rush to travel straightaway, but with the best offers ever, we believe it's the perfect time to foresee your long-waited holiday now. Let's take it slow but make sure we plan ahead and maximize the discounts.

Meanwhile, we bet you need a little sweetness in your life right now. We've got your back by hosting the #backtohappiness contest with a FREE stay. Join now!

Club Med by Your Side

Find out all our actions in supporting you and your family along the road to recovery, including measures to ease your concerns, new policies and special offers.


Safe Together

Your safety is our priority. Understand what measures will be implemented in our resorts to ensure the safety of our guests.


Peace of Mind Policy

We have introduced a new flexible booking policy to ease your concerns on the current uncertain situation, allowing you to travel with confidence.


*Credit can be used for one or several stays with an equivalent value. It is non-refundable, non-transferable to other traveler, non-convertible to cash. Should the new booking require a top up, you will need to pay the price difference and no refund is allowed. In case the price of new booking is lower than the original booking, a credit will be given for the remaining portion. New booking must be done with Club Med Hong Kong, no change applied on the payment terms. For Air Packages: airline handling/cancellation fee applies if any.