Club Med Magic, Right in Your Own Home

Ignite your Club Med spirit at home, wherever in the world you may be. Delve deep in the culinary arts, learn a thing or two about history, or even move your body and get some much-needed stretch time.

Happiness starts here, wherever you are. Embark on hours of fun with oodles of activities for the whole family, with your partner, or even by yourself. All you have to do is welcome Club Med right into your home, you'll never want us to leave.

Move Your Body - Shake off the stay-home fatigue with something that gets your endorphins going.

Enrich Your Mind - Homeschooling for any age got a lot more fun. That history lesson you've always wanted to take? We got it covered.

Feed Your Soul - Revitalise and nourish your body from the inside out with mindful practices that will help you destress.

Get Creative - Unleash your artistic side and delve into a world of creativity that will keep you, your partner and kids occupied for hours.

Entertain Yourself - Nothing quite like time at home to do some things you've always wanted. Audio books, playlists and more.

Eat & Drink - Missing your favourite meals from our Club Med resorts? Learn from our best chefs; it's almost like you're right here with us.

Browse our activity tabs below and we guarantee there's something for everyone.

No Equipment Ab Workout

Time to get off the couch for a quick workout. Just because you're not at the beach right now doesn't mean you won't be showing off those abs real soon. This workout is quick, with no equipment!

Get Jiggy With It

Let the rhythm get you groovin'. Bring on the endorphins and happy vibes with a dance party right in your home. Grab your partner, the kids and your fur kids too!

Bachata Dance >
Crazy Signs >

Mother-Daughter Yoga

by Dawn Sim (@thatmomoffour)

Yoga is a great way for the little ones to stretch and let out some of that pent-up energy from staying indoors — just like for adults. It may involve a little more bum wriggling and a little less ohm, but that's what yoga is about, right? Moving to the beat of your own heart.

Watch this tutorial as Dawn Sim, our yoga partner for ""Club Med Body & Soul"" thematic weeks, guide you on this routine. Don't be shy to share your creative family yoga moments on Instagram with #ClubMedatHome.

Morning Stretch

Energise and start your day fresh with this 10-minute yoga sequence, designed to wake the body while targeting areas that need a little extra care.

Core Trainer

No better time than now to work on those abs. This quick routine will fire up your core — Netflix and core, anyone?


Whether you've indulged in one too many homemade chocolate chip cookies, or you need to work up more of a sweat, this HIIT routine can be done in small spaces, with no equipment. Bonus: Get your kids in on the fun to tire them out!

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