How to fold a sheet into a square:

**1. **Take an A4 sheet. Fold a corner from the opposite lower edge of the paper.

2. Now take a pair of scissors and cut the extra bit along the red dotted line.

3. You’ll get a triangle. Open it…

4. And here is your perfect square!

How to fold an origami fish:

1. Fold your sheet in half diagonally.

2. Fold your triangle in half and unfold. Keep the crease on the paper.

3. Take each side of the triangle and fold them down.

4. Bring the corner up.

5. Fold the sides slightly outwards. These will be the fins of the fish.

6. Gently raise the first layer at the bottom.

7. Unfold the bottom all the way out.

8. Cut the paper along the lines following the arrows.

9. Fold the last layer behind.

10. You get a samurai helmet. Open the helmet and flatten each side.

11. Folding in progress. Turn it over.

12. …and all that’s left to do is turn the thickness from right to left to form the tail. You can also bend the sides under each fin to keep the fish standing on its own.