Safe Together

Travel to Club Med with confidence
Stay safe together with Club Med’s enhanced hygiene and safety protocols

Safe Together by Club Med

Your safety is our priority. Whether you are travelling to our resorts to lay out on the beach or take in the local sights at your destination, we have implemented high impact cleaning procedures and safety and hygiene protocols to give you a peace of mind.

We are working alongside local authorities, certifying our processes, and training our team in accordance with global health guidelines so that you can focus on creating memorable experiences with you and your loved ones.

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Your Safety, Our Priority

Why We Are Different

Since 1950, Club Med has been the pioneer in all-inclusive vacations by celebrating freedom and delivering happiness. Many of our resorts are located in idyllic destinations surrounded by nature and have built up areas limited to 10% of the total site surface providing plenty of spacious outdoor areas. In addition, when you choose to stay at Club Med, you never have to leave our premises, giving you that added reassurance.

Low Density Natural Environment

With large open-air spaces and wide outdoor environments, our resorts have all the natural space you need for social distancing and air ventilation without any constraints.

70 Years of Expertise

With a 70-year legacy in the hospitality industry, Club Med has the expertise and commitment in assuring you and your happiness during your stay.

All-Inclusive Resorts

When you choose an all-inclusive resort, you never have to leave our premises to dine or explore. All Club Med vacations let you relax within our highly clean compounds, giving you that added reassurance.

Strong Partnerships

We are partnering with Ecolab to step up our hygiene and cleanliness procedures, standards and training, and certifying our processes with China Inspection and Certification Group (CCIC) to reassure you that we are doing all we can to ensure your safety.


Safe Together programme was developed with the support of Ecolab, a global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services. Our staff are trained on disinfecting procedures by Ecolab to reassure guests. In addition, all disinfecting agents and hand sanitisers around the resort are provided by Ecolab.


Across our Greater China resorts, we are working with China Inspection and Certification Group (CCIC) to certify hygiene and safety processes using CCIC’s COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention Manual, which covers public hygiene, water and food safety procedures in-resort.

Heightened Hygiene & Safety Measures

We are undertaking enhanced hygiene and safety measures in accordance to global and local health guidelines across our resorts. All to reassure you that your safety and wellbeing is our utmost priority.

Club Med Cocoon with All-Inclusive Concept

There is no need to navigate through highly dense cities to dine or explore when staying in all-inclusive resorts. Self-sufficient resort facilities and in-resort activities are all available within the ‘Club Med Cocoon’, with our G.Os living on-site as well.

Arrival & Reception

Reassuring you, so we can greet you

  • Social distancing from the moment you board the shuttle bus

  • Sanitisation of shuttle buses after every trip

  • Temperature checks and mandatory health and travel declarations upon arrival

  • Masks worn by all staff throughout their shift for added protection

  • Range of fun and trendy reusable masks available at the boutique for guests’ purchase and protection

Safe Common Areas

SO FAR, so good

  • Increased frequency of sanitisation of all common areas, including toilets and high touch points such as handrails, elevator panels and buttons hourly

  • Hand sanitisers made available for guests’ use throughout the resort

  • Dedicated signages and floor markings to remind guests on safety precautions and social distancing measures

Safety in Your Room

Our rooms have been cleaned, so you can come in

  • Thorough cleaning and sanitisation of all Guest Rooms after each check-out

  • Deep sanitisation of frequently touched areas such as light switches, door knobs, bathroom surfaces, telephone and remote controls, climate controls, bed and bedding, bath amenities, hard surfaces, closet goods, and in-room food utensils

  • All air-conditioning running in fresh air mode for constant airflow

  • Contactless payments and room access

Dining Safe

Our French savoir-faire safely presented

  • Self-service counters to be replaced with individually portioned dishes and table service

  • Tables and baby high chairs are sanitised after every use

  • More outdoor seating for better ventilation

  • Enhanced hygiene measures for food and beverage handling, certified by local food authority bodies

Safe Activities

Be a SPORT with our sanitised equipment

  • Safe distancing measures in place during activities such as yoga and zumba, and across activity facilities such as between deck chairs, dining tables, conference rooms, private cocktail receptions and gala dinners

  • More outdoor activities and maximum capacity on group activities

  • Hourly sanitisation of cardio equipment

  • Fitness mats, games and circus equipment, and spas are sanitised after each use

Entertainment Reassured

If you want to sit, you’ve got to split

  • Kids' Club activities have been modified to reduce body contact between children, with more activities moved outdoors for better ventilation

  • All Kids' Club toys are disinfected daily

  • G.Os at Kids' Club will be wearing masks and conducting temperature checks twice daily

  • Safe distancing between seats at theatres

  • Sanitisation of all theatre and entertainment facilities after each use

What we are doing behind the scenes

  • Staff are trained on precautionary and cleaning measures based on WHO guidelines with the support of Ecolab

  • Masks are worn by all staff, with temperature checks conducted twice during shifts

  • Staff meetings are moved outdoors, with safe distancing measures in the back-office

  • Emergency response and disinfection protocols are in place to deal with any suspected COVID-19 cases

  • We have a hygiene and safety department dedicated to coordination of corporate hygiene and safety, and are in frequent contact with local authorities to monitor the local and global situation

  • Staff who have recently travelled from high risk countries to undergo a strict 14-day quarantine

  • Staff are restrained from travelling out of the resort during off days and break time to minimise risks

_The information contained herein is based upon recommendations currently available from various government agencies, advisors and other consultants. It is subject to change and modification at any time. Protocols may vary slightly in each resort due to local regulations and guidelines and will be updated as we learn more. As always, we recommend that all guests consult their own medical advisors and review governmental travel and health sites in order to take decisions about any personal precautions each guest may wish to take. _