Happy G.Os and G.Es

Not just a job but an experience to be enjoyed

Not just a job but an experience to be enjoyed


‘We place great importance on our team spirit and enjoy working and growing together’

Show in Bali

An incredible experience which transforms those who try it

A unique culture, an unparalleled spirit and unforgettable places to work

G.O and G.E: a job with meaning

We forge long-lasting relationships with our G.Os, G.Es and even G.Ms

Club Med: signatory to the French Diversity Charter since 2004

Rich and diverse career paths

Training in Bali

Develop your skills each and every day thanks to the Talent University

Work each and every day with colleagues from all walks of life

Strength in diversity

Our Disability Services Division is responsible for creating and implementing a policy to ensure Club Med is a disability-friendly company to work at.

Some figures:

Some examples:

Specific provisions for disabled employees: