Modern beachside all-inclusive Resort in Bali, infused with the spirit of local culture


Nusa Dua's beach haven

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Set on the longest beachfront in the heart of iconic Nusa Dua, Club Med Bali boasts spectacular views of the Indian Ocean

The art of rejuvenation


Immerse yourself in the art of rejuvenation at our spa or indulge in wellness over a sunset beach yoga session

Engaging family adventure

Family fun

Enjoy our unique Amazing Family! program featuring fun games, workshops, and unrivalled family time together

Enjoy energetic Bali

Local immersion

Delve into authentic Balinese cuisine, take part in a Balinese massage class and enjoy our weekly cultural night

Embrace Bali's harmony and spirituality

Sunlit, charming, mystical and colourful. All these words perfectly describe Bali and our resort. 500 meters of beach overlooking the Java Sea and countless varieties of palm tree gives you a taste of the lush natural environment and vibrant local culture. Revel in the traditional Balinese architecture, with subtle sophistication and iconic roofs.

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