Land Sports

Boredom is not an option!

Riding a horse along the beach, crossing the air - hung on a trapeze, riding down the hill driving a two-wheeler, follow your instincts with outdoor sports at Club Med.

Flying trapeze and acrobatic activities

Up, up and away!

Combining aerobatics, artistic figures and balance games, flying trapeze is both complete and fascinating. Join us in the most beautiful locations around the globe to learn the finer points of "catch", "weap" and also "lay out". Of course, you will be protected by a harness and safety net so... Laws of gravity? Forgotten!

• From 11 years old (and 4 years old with the Kid's Club)
• Beginners to Advanced
• Exclusively in Group lessons



Game, Set, Match

Want to learn tennis or to perfect your drive under the sun? With the right equipment, facilities and tuition, play tennis with your family or challenge experienced GOs®, it's up to you! We offer tennis holidays which aren’t only fun, but they’ll teach you a brand new craft in the beautiful sunshine of Asia, Europe & worldwide – great for those with a competitive edge and those who are searching for a relaxing sport to play with the family or loved ones.

• From 11 years old
• Beginners to Advanced
• Free access, coaching in groups or private lessons

Take your passion to another level in Bali

Wellness activities

Yoga, Fitness, Gym, Cardio and more!

With up-to-date equipment selected to suit your needs, the fitness areas welcome you for group fitness classes, alternately you can work out at your own pace during the free access sessions. Some Resorts have a Club Med Gym® cardio and weights room.

Enjoy Fitness, Cardio & Spa in Mauritius

More activities including:

FOR ALL LEVELS. And we love them all!

Make the most of your all-inclusive vacation at Club Med! Club Med offers a host of land sports from horseback riding and flying trapeze to hiking, something for all levels, ages and taste.

• Archery
• Volley ball
• Football
• Mountain biking
• Horse riding

Our selection for land sports and activities...

Water Sports

Enjoy water activities in the most stunning waters

If you are looking for a unique scuba diving vacation or a new water sport to master, Club Med is perfect for you. Dive into the world of diversity and discovery. Experience a whole range of water sports: sailing, windsurfing, water-ski & much more. Sail on a catamaran in Turkey, water-ski in Mauritius, windsurf in Bali, dive in the Maldives …Let's sail the seas looking for new sensations !


Waves are calling!

Experience some the most outstanding surf destinations around the world with us.

With the best spots and our well-trained trainers, the Club Med Surf Experience invites you to be one with the waves and make the most of it. In the Maldives, for example, Club Med is conveniently located close to one of the most popular surf breaks 'Ninjas' or an excursion can be organised during your stay. Beginner or experienced surfer, grab your surf board and enjoy!

Discover our surf resorts in the Maldives


Sail the most beautiful waters

Who has never dreamt of controlling the wind and waves ? Club Med invites you to sail in over 30 different Resorts. Come and sail with us on monohulls or catamarans, whether you're a first-time sailor or an accomplished skipper.

• From 11 years old
• For every level
• In groups or solo depending on your level
• Lessons included

Wonder where you can sail in the Indian Ocean?

Scuba diving at Club Med

Discover a beautiful world in the depths of the ocean

Feel like a real wreck adventurer, swim above an amazing submarine canyon, encounter turtles and fishes. Scuba Diving* is possibly the most beautiful way to discover a destination. At Club Med, you have the opportunity to practice this activity no matter your skill level, within sight and sound of experts from the "Professional Association of Diving Instructors" - the world's leading scuba diver training organization. And of course, no need to bring your own equipment: everything is already set up for you!

• From 8 years old
• For first timers and experienced divers
• Dive with a group or alone for the advanced divers*

*At extra cost depending on the resort

Ever thought of scuba diving in Japan?

Many more water sports to enjoy

That's everyone can enjoy!

Whether you're a first-timer or an experienced rider, we offer other fabulous activities in the best destinations on the planet, with specialist GO's.

These activities include, but are not limited to:
⛵ Kite surfing
⛵ Snorkeling
⛵ Free diving
⛵ Windsurfing

For water sports, we recommend


Take a swing

Don’t tell the other sports, but Golf is one of Club Med’s flagship activities. We feature 17 Schools for every level, courses designed by the world’s best golf architects, the most unique of environments, and services that are tailor-made for golfers…Take advantage of your holiday to lower your handicap !

Courses full of character

Stimulating from start to finish

Tame the Royal Golf Cabo Negro’s dangerous rough in Morocco, test your patience on the hills of Piedmont at 2,000 metres of altitude, tackle aquatic wonders on Kohama Island in Japan…The courses offered by our Villages ensure some of sport’s most incredible moments. Boredom? Never.

Discover a luxury golf experience in Mauritius

Sublime spaces

On exceptional sites

Warning: the beauty of the landscapes might make you shank a few balls. Picture the scarlet cliffs of Portugal, Mauritius Island amidst savanna and ocean, the hundred-year old trees of the Vittel Ermitage…With such inspiring décors, each round becomes one to remember.

Better your swing with amazing views in Bintan Island

Our best resorts for Golf...