Enjoy the finest local cuisine

All-included gourmet food to delight your tastebuds

Let’s face it, a trip to the mountains comes with serious gastronomic expectations. With a perfect mix of local cuisine and French know-how, discover delicious mountain delicacies: from specialty cheese platters and melty fondue to Japanese hotpot and delicious ramen... Bon appétit!


Our main restaurants are a mix of self-served corners and on-demand cooking stations offering the best local delicacies along with international fare, healthy choices and sweet treats.

Fancy some local flavours? Our specialty restaurants offer the finest local cuisine, serving you the amazing dishes of your surrounding destination, whether it be cheese fondue at the European ski resorts or Japanese barbecue at Club Med Sahoro Hokkaido!

Our chefs are there for you mornings, lunch times and evenings. From cheesy tartiflette and fine wine in Europe to fresh sushi accompanied by sake in Japan, let us take you on a tasty adventure.

*Photo taken at the Gourmet Lounge at Club Med Val Thorens, France, the perfect place to enjoy local French produce with a glass of wine in an intimate atmosphere!


Discover Japanese cuisine in our Hokkaido resorts

A ski holiday in the Asian mountains is the perfect opportunity to discover new flavours.

Discover the amazing specialties of Hokkaido at our Japanese resorts: from handmade soba, ramen or curry soup prepared by skilled Japanese Chefs to traditional hotpot or nabe, savour a variety of Japanese delicacies.

Why not indulge with a soft-serve ice cream after your meal? After all, you’ve deserved it!

*Photo taken at Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido, Japan. Try fresh “yakiniku”, a Japanese beef delicacy at the Hakku specialty restaurant, and enjoy an authentic Japanese dining experience.


Enjoy the full mountain experience while the family gathers around cheesy fondue or tartiflettes.

Our internationally-trained chefs are passionate about taking your tastebuds on an indulgent adventure, and our food is sourced from the very best producers of the region. European delicacies are available in our European Alps resorts, as well as in our Japan ski resorts and ski resorts in China.

Fresh bread and pastries are Club Med’s specialties – you’ve been warned!

All-included snacks and premium open bar


There’s no better feeling than sipping on a delicious hot chocolate as soon as you come off the slopes.

We take snacks seriously here, and will be happy to offer you après-ski snacks and hot drinks for tea time – you need to refuel after your day on the slopes! From sweet snacks to healthy choices, cosy up under a blanket and enjoy your afternoon treat - it's all included!

*Photo taken at Club Med Val d’Isere, France. Relax in this elegant and modern resort, offering breathtaking views of the snowy mountains.


Throughout the day, choose from barista-style coffee, soft drinks, signature cocktails, French wine and Japanese beer – drinks are all included in your package.

Make unforgettable new memories at our uniquely designed bars: sip on a cocktail while watching the sun disappear behind the mountains, or meet your future best friends at our unique events and themed parties!

Our top-pick resorts to delight your tastebuds: