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The Summer Beauty of Hokkaido

Hokkaido, Japan's northern jewel, is a destination that often conjures images of snowcapped peaks and winter wonderlands. However, beyond the icy landscapes, Hokkaido transforms into a vibrant summer paradise - a completely different but equally captivating experience.

There’s every reason to visit Hokkaido in Summer. In this travel guide, we invite you to explore the stunning landscapes, delightful cuisine, and exciting activities that await you during the sunny season.

A Canvas of Colour

Hokkaido during summer is a breathtaking canvas of colour. The once snow-covered landscapes burst into bloom with vibrant flowers, creating a stunning contrast against the deep blue skies. Fields of lavender in Furano, colourful flower gardens in Biei, and the famous Shikisai-no-Oka flower hill are just a few of the picturesque spots to explore during this season. The beauty of Hokkaido's summer weather is a photographer's dream come true.

Outdoor Adventures

Hokkaido's summer is the perfect time for outdoor enthusiasts to indulge in their favourite activities. From hiking in the Daisetsuzan National Park to cycling through scenic trails, the island offers a multitude of adventures. Water sports enthusiasts can kayak along crystal-clear rivers or explore the serene lakes that dot the landscape. The warm Hokkaido summer weather creates an ideal setting for exploring Hokkaido's natural wonders.

Hokkaido's Culinary Delights

Hokkaido's reputation for delicious food is so strong that it's often referred to as Japan's "Kingdom of Food." During the summer, you can savour a variety of local delights. Don't miss the opportunity to try Hokkaido milk, which forms the base of unique dairy products unique to the island. Visit the Furano Cheese Factory, where you can sample a range of local dairy treats, from creamy cheeses to rich ice creams. Hokkaido's fresh seafood, including succulent crab and mouthwatering scallops, is another must-try.

Club Med Resorts in Hokkaido

Club Med Kiroro Grand (Opens December 2023)

The unconventional beauty of Hokkaido is unparalleled, so explore it with Club Med Kiroro Grand. Opening in December 2023, the resort with rooms available throughout summer will beckon you with a sweet, luxurious summer escape. It's the perfect destination for a thrilling getaway with activities tailored for the warmer Hokkaido summer weather.

At Kiroro Grand, you're not just a traveller; you're an explorer of local culture. On top of that, you’d be surrounded by unspoiled Japanese wilderness. Discover a resort design inspired by the enchanting forests that embrace it, seamlessly blending you with nature.

The Kiroro Grand ensures your stay is nothing short of extraordinary. Rooms draw inspiration from enchanted forests and ancient Ainu tradition. You'll find spacious and contemporary accommodations, providing a comfortable sanctuary for families and those yearning for a reconnection with serenity.

Dive into outdoor activities like mountain boarding, Nordic walking, and golf*, or explore the charming Otaru* coastal town – a 40-minute journey from Kiroro. Once the economic hub of Hokkaido, you'll delve into its rich history, indulge in glassworks*, savour delectable seafood*, and explore sake distilleries* (*at additional cost).

After your summer excursions, rejuvenate your mind with a soak at Club Med's First Japanese Onsen, where the calming warmth of natural hot springs will wash any worries away.

Here, you’ll also get to experience a culinary journey like no other with exquisite dining options. The Ebisu* is a Sushi specialty restaurant that offers a casual dine-in experience after a day of adventures. Enjoy a balanced yet sumptuous meal paired with local drinks like sake or shochu to warm your body after a perfect day.

Try the Ogon* for comforting and delectable hot pots as you embark on a gastronomical adventure around Asia. The cuisine is inspired by the flavours of Japan, Korea, China, and Thailand, featuring fresh Otaru seafood and Hokkaido meat and vegetables, ready to excite your taste buds.

You can also visit Kaen Yakiniku Specialty Restaurant* for a sumptuous grilled feast, featuring must-try Kuroge Wagyu Cross Karubi and Boneless Short Rib, both sourced from our renowned Tokachi farm in Hokkaido.

(*at additional cost. Contact us for more details)

Club Med Tomamu, Hokkaido

Situated amidst the majestic Tomamu Mountain, Club Med Tomamu is a 145-hectare resort offering a unique summer experience – another reason for you to visit Hokkaido in the summer.

Guests can enjoy special themed activities and entertainment. From sports tournaments and cultural workshops to art exhibitions and culinary events, there's always something captivating for everyone.

One of the stand-out features include the unique Mina Mina Beach - a massive indoor pool complex right opposite the main resort that brings the joy of the seaside to the mountains. Here, you can swim, splash, and sunbathe in a climate-controlled environment, complete with sandy beaches and turquoise waters.

After all the adventure, discover the Unkai Terrace, which is a sanctuary perched above a sea of clouds that slowly drifts away to reveal the breathtaking mountain views below. Take a breath and bring your awareness back to the astonishing beauty of Hokkaido during summer.

At Club Med Tomamu, the culinary profile is a testament to the rich flavours of Hokkaido and the world, promising an unforgettable experience for all palates. The Itara embodies the diversity and freshness of international and Japanese delights. This main buffet restaurant tantalises taste buds with an array of options, from the freshest fish to mouthwatering global cuisines. For parents with little ones, a Baby Corner ensures a stress-free dining experience with special meal preparation amenities.

You may also try Haku* - a specialty restaurant inspired by the indigenous tribes of Japan. The air is filled with the mouthwatering aroma of yakiniku, perfectly grilled to excellence. This culinary delight is complemented with delectable side dishes that elevate the experience.

(*Basic menu option is included in our all-inclusive package, while the premium menu option is available at an additional cost.)

As the snow melts away, this northern island shows off its hidden summer beauty - a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. Club Med resorts in Hokkaido provide the perfect backdrop for your summer escapade. Enquire with us for your next luxury escape today!

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